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Around the World in a Blink - Twelve

“We make essential products from air, not oil”

Just when carbon offsetting was seeing the light of the day, Twelve, an award-winning Startup based out of US, has gone a step ahead claiming that its proprietary technology of ‘carbon transformation’ can eliminate carbon emissions, by transforming CO2 into chemicals, materials and fuels that are conventionally made from fossil fuels.

How do they do it?: Just like a plant in nature, they transform CO2 into useful products with just water and renewable energy as inputs, with zero harmful emissions, and only leave air and water as the by-products.

Why do we need it? Many products that we use daily, from Tupperware bottles to the soles in our sneakers, are made of petrochemicals extracted from fossil fuels – the real cause of Global Warming.

So, Twelve replaces petrochemicals in the products and supply chains of major companies with CO2 made chemicals, materials, and fuels, thereby eliminating emissions from thousands of everyday products.

Result? They have made the world’s first Jet Fuel from CO2 electrolysis. They partnered with Mercedes and Trinseo to create the world's first car parts made from polycarbonate. Their other collaborations include NASA, where they make tools and fuels for Mars projects, Tide, where they are supplying detergent ingredients, and Pangaia, where they make lenses.


This article is a part of the April'22 edition of our Startup Newsletter. Here's the complete publication:


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