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Where have the Big Bulls been investing?

In 2019, as many as 32,800 Venture deals were witnessed worldwide with roughly $294.8 billion being invested from tiny pre-seed and “sprout” rounds to supergiant pre-IPO technology growth deals. With such humungous figures on the board, 2019 still remains the 2nd most active year in the VC world-we believe that the WeWork debacle which had a ripple effect on the entire startup ecosystem and the ongoing US-China trade war that triggered a worldwide economic slowdown, might have a roll to play in disrupting the party.

What is significant to note is how the share of Angel-Seed Investment to the total Dollar Volume, has increased steadily over the years that speaks volumes about the VC world’s consistent efforts to grab a share of the ‘next unicorn’, as early as possible.

The Indian startup ecosystem also saw sizeable investments in the month of December and first-half of January:

While we’re at it: As the year ends, we take a look back at the funds launched by venture capitalists and their plans for fund deployment:


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