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Born and brought up in one of the world’s fastest growing economies, we witnessed that change is the only thing that has been constant in our young India. With that new road, that new policy, that first e-commerce site, that first app based cab ride, the world around us kept shrinking right up to the size of our palm. Moved by this wave, we started wondering where does it all start? What are those little things that add up to the big change? What does it take to lead a change?

The more we dug deeper, the more excited we became to share with you the beauty there is, in every new dent in the universe.

So here we are, a bunch of 4 enthusiasts, reading books, news, financials and reports, to tell you all that is worth your time:

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Abhimanyu graduated from St. Xavier’s, India, in 2018, majoring in Finance. He was working with Bank of America with the Quant Trading desk for 3 years. He is currently pursuing Master’s in Financial Engineering from UCLA Anderson School of Management, Los Angeles. He is also a scholar at the Institute of New Economic Thinking.


I am a part of this initiative to further exemplify my interests in business models, organisation structures, disruptive technologies and other revolutionary projects. We realised that startups are very good at their domain of work and service, but may lack strategies to optimise their financial positioning. Startups have the potential to question the normal and revise proven business models redundant in the ever changing business landscape. The ability to revitalise the old but still follow the very basics to drive value is what intrigues me to write, research, learn, and share about startups.

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Kartikeyan or Kartik-K (to get your pronunciation correct at the outset) graduated from St. Xavier's College, India, in 2018 and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2019. His strong drive towards entrepreneurship led him to join practice at Chunder Khator right after qualifying. Harnessing the knowledge and experience gained from servicing young businesses, he endeavors to enrich the readers with information that’s vital for their growth.


India’s Startup Ecosystem is like a kid who’s still learning to walk. If number-of-unicorns was a measure, India’s elder cousins US and China are 5 times bigger. The growth that some startups are witnessing today, have been witnessed by US and Chinese Startups over 5 years ago. Most of our Startup ideas are an adaptation of successful businesses in the West. So, now you know that our journey, as an ecosystem has just begun, and for it to bloom, information is key!

With that said, I know you may not have the time to read through every new thing that’s picking up pace. So, leave the hard part to us. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy what we deliver. This is our contribution to India’s journey from Hindsight to Foresight.



Ritwik Khator (Nickname: Wiktor) graduated from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata in 2018 and has been practicing as a Chartered Accountant at Chunder Khator since 2019.

‘Building things’ and ‘Changing things’ encapsulate everything that Ritwik does. He started young with building houses, playing lego at age 6, moved on to building empires, playing Age of Empires at age 16 to now, building teams, creating games, organising events, changing businesses and writing about Startups, playing life at age 24. (Phew!)

Ritwik’s love for insightful conversations and humor rightly finds a place in all of his write-ups. He usually requires Nath da’s black coffee, a controlled temperature, hours of deep reading and intermittent distractions (surprisingly!) to turn in a good write-up, which we believe is TMI. To sum it all up, he’s a true anchor to our vision.

PS: He may be responsible for the tangy lines and the jaw-dropping number crunching in our newsletters!

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A high achiever in academics and an entrepreneur at heart, Dhruvik is a Chartered Accountant and has graduated from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata. He is currently working at Ernst & Young – Strategy and Transactions and had previously been associated with Deloitte and BakerTilly.

I am passionate about start-ups creating a large-scale impact. Being a voracious learner keeps me agile. At Startup Indian, every day is a new opportunity to roll my sleeves and witness the next big change. It's really fulfilling to track this high paced start-up ecosystem of India.

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