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SHA & Term Sheet - Review & Preparation

A fair and sound Shareholders' agreement is the cornerstone of your Startup's journey with the Investors. We can craft robust, tailored agreements that protect your interests and survives the test of time.

Startup Founder Services

How we deliver

Startup Founder Services

New-age Mindset

Our team comprises of CAs, MBAs, Lawyers and Finance Professionals having rich experience in dealing with Startups and Investors, giving you advise that aligns with industry norms.

Startup Founder Services

Quick Turnaround

Our established documentation framework, vast knowledge of startup investing nuances and experienced team ensure quick delivery.

Startup Founder Services


We carefully understand your and the investors' preferences to ensure a healthy investor-investee relationship that survives the test of time.

Startup Founder Services

In-depth Guidance

From 'tag-along rights' to 'lock-in-period', from 'tag-along rights' to 'information rights', we will guide you through all kinds of rights & obligations SHAs can have. 

What you get from us

Vetting the Investors' proposed Term Sheet or Shareholders' Agreement

Your prospective Investor may put forward its own term sheet or draft Shareholders' Agreement for your consideration and acceptance. In such cases, it is critical to carefully review the documents and identify any terms that are punitive on the Startup or are appearing to be unreasonably disadvantageous to the Founders. Our team of advisors will help you to establish the deal breakers with the prospective Investor and suggest changes that should be made to rectify them.

Drafting Shareholders' Agreement (SHA)

Our multi-disciplinary team comprising of Legal and Financial experts can draft a fair and sound Shareholders' Agreement between your Startup and prospective Investor, suggesting you all the terms and conditions that should be forming part of the agreement that ensure that your relationship with the investor stands the test of time. 

Suggesting changes to the Company's charter documents

Several terms that often form part of a Shareholders' Agreement can only be legally enforceable when incorporated in the Company's AoA and MoA. Therefore, once the agreement is signed, our team will identify the clauses requiring modifications/additions/deletions and suggest the changes to be made therein.

How SHAs Help

  1. Spells out the terms and conditions of the investment by the Investor including, the timing and amount of funds, equity stakes to be issued, fund utilization, etc.

  2. Protects the rights of the investors including, investors' information rights, tag-along rights, anti-dilution rights etc.

  3. Protects the rights of the Startup in relation to the investment and the investor including, lock-in period, founders' pre-emptive rights, investors' responsibilities, etc.

  4. Helps in dispute resolution in future

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