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Agritech in India

The Indian Agritech space comprises new age solutions like Ag-Biotechnology, Precision Agriculture, Farm Automation, Farming-as-a-Service, Farm Infrastructure, Supply Chain Tech and Agri-Fintech. We conduct continuous research on the Agritech sector of India to support Agritech founders and investors.

Key Agritech Metrices


No. of Agritech startups

in India (as of Mar'24)


No. of funded Agritech

startups (as of Mar'24)


Number of Agritech

Unicorns (as of Mar'24)


Agritech Funding

($ Billion)

Agritech India Funding.png
Our Knowledge Hub on the Indian Agritech Sector

The State of Agritech in India 2023 - Research Report

This report captures the major problems of the agriculture sector of India, value chain participants, opportunities for Agritech innovation, funding trends, key funding metrices, government policies, global comparison, case studies of Agritech startups and portfolio analysis of top investors.

Agtech Opportunity in India - Podcast Series

The success of Agritech is critical for India. That’s because the Agriculture sector of India is a source of livelihood for more than 50% of the Indian population and contributes over 15% to the GDP of the country. But the Agri scene is not all sunshine and monsoons. We’re talking reducing productivity, weather tantrums, chemical overload, and a market more fragmented than a broken papad. So, we decided to dive headfirst into India’s Agritech value chain to break down – what startup founders have been creating and how it’s impacting Indian farmers, and of course to get more people talking about it.

Input Linkage


Quality Testing

Farm Robotics

Alternate Farming


Input Linkage

Farm Intelligence

Satellite Imagery

Output Linkage

B2B Supply Chain

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