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In Conversation with Shreyasi Singh, CEO of Harappa Education

Updated: Feb 20

Ever since the Government of India has released the New Education Policy (NEP, 2020), we have been wondering how it feels like to be at the epicenter of this paradigm shift in India’s Education System.

And who better than Harappa Education which is already 2 years into radicalizing how India looks at learning.

Despite having a 6-figure user base in just 2 years, a strength of over 90 odd employees and a successful round of funding from a foreign investor, Co-founder & CEO Shreyasi Singh, humbly puts it, “If there are other people [competitors] who also feel passionately about it [changing the learning experience], more power to them!”

In this Episode, Ritwik and Kartikeyan have a conversation with Shreyasi Singh, Co-founder and CEO of Harappa Education, based out of Delhi, India.

Harappa Education is an e-learning platform which offers a unique curriculum designed around foundational Habits which are believed to play a critical role in achieving ‘professional success’ and ‘personal meaning’. Every course focuses on the impact it is likely to make on the individual's performance at the workplace. Some of these courses include – Thinking Critically, Unleashing Creativity, Building Presence, to name a few.

After 15 years of work experience, Shreyasi took the leap to pursue an idea which is likely to change how India looks at learning. And with the recent change in the Indian Education Policy, Harappa’s courses are bang on!

There’s a lot to learn from the CEO & Co-founder of a 2-year-old Startup, which has already attracted Foreign Funding, headed with full throttle to change your learning experience, and we can’t wait for you to listen!


This article is a part of the August'20 edition of our Startup Newsletter. Here's the complete publication:


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