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Agritech - India vs Rest of the World

Updated: Mar 11

India has one of the highest arable land under agriculture (156 Million Hectares) and yet the GDP from Agriculture is abysmally low compared to other major economies. Major reasons behind this is low farm productivity, highly fragmented market, small size of farms and huge post-harvest losses. Here's a comparison of India with major agricultural nations viz. USA, Brazil, China and others, in following areas:

  1. Arable land under agriculture

  2. Average farm size

  3. GDP from Agriculture (2022/FY22-23)

  4. Number of Agritech Unicorns as of Jan'24

  5. Top regions by funding in 2022

  6. AgriTech funding by segment in 2022


This article is a part of the February'24 edition of our Startup Newsletter. Here's the complete publication:


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