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Around the World in a Blink - July'20

Updated: Apr 23


GivingWay, an online marketplace, based out of Tel Aviv, Israel, has probably found the biggest need gap of the 21st Century – Helping hands for saving Humanity.

With GivingWay’s free social platform, people and non-profits from all over the world can easily connect to work together towards a cause, be it Healthcare, Education, or the Environment.


UK expands £500m fund for Startups struggling to grow during the Coronavirus crisis. To give you some perspective of what the status of many Startups is during the Pandemic, in India, 21% of the Startups had less than 6 months of cash reserves in March.


Canva, the graphic design platform based out of Australia, raised fresh round of funding at a valuation of USD 6Billion. The valuation has nearly doubled since its last round of funding in October last year.


This article is a part of the July'20 edition of our Startup Newsletter. Here's the complete publication:


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