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Can Swiggy & Zomato Break-Even

Updated: May 13, 2021

Swiggy reported a total of ₹1594 Crores of delivery cost in FY19. This boils down to per order delivery cost of ₹36 at 60% activity level (similar numbers for Zomato). Therefore, if these food delivery startups manage to push up activity level to 100% (9-10 orders per delivery guy), they can bring down the cost to as low as ₹20 per order.

With delivery charges of ₹30+ the food giants will be able to achieve positive unit economics.

Side opposition would say: There are massive customer acquisition costs running behind these numbers (Swiggy – ₹18, Zomato – ₹37 per order)

Side proposition: It seems the opposition needs to go back to the drawing board, because let’s not forget about the usual 20-30% commission charged from restaurants on each order (approx. ₹85 per order)

*Drops mic*


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