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New Ideas in Edtech

Updated: Feb 20

1. Name of the Company: Augli

Founded in: 2018

Founders: Anjali Tiwary, Kamal Kashyap

What makes it special: It helps children in honing skills in lines of critical thinking, communication and digital literacy by gamifying the experience with quizzes and leaderboards. It believes that all these skills are important for building the emotional intelligence of the Children. Each skill on the app has been bundled under a superpower such as News Surfer, Active Reading, Captain Precise, Magneto, and Debate Ninja among others. These superpowers can be won by children after completing various battles.

Number of Customers: 5000K Paying customers: 20%

2. Name of the Company: Uable

Founded in: 2019

Founders: Saurabh Saxena

What makes it special: Uable is focussing on developing the creative intelligence of children. It helps students explore different sectors at an early age and develop future-ready skills to achieve their goals. the company leverages active learning principles, where students spend time visualizing ideas, discussing, debating and collaborating with their peers.


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