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MPL vs Paytm First Games

Updated: Feb 15

We pulled out the figures of Mobile Premier League (MPL) & Paytm First Games Pvt. Ltd.’s (PFG) for FY 2019-20. MPL and PFG have some striking resemblance. Their product offerings are very similar, they opened shop only 7 months apart and both have a top-line in the 15Cr-20Cr range. However, when we compare some of the key figures of the 2 Startups, they are MILES apart. While MPL incurred almost INR 11 for every rupee earned, Paytm spent only a little over INR 2 for every rupee earned. Here’s the synopsis:

Alright, if your jaw is beginning to drop, hold it tight because there is more coming. Here's are the numbers posted by both companies in their latest financials and our insight on them:


This article is a part of the February'21 edition of our Startup Newsletter. Here's the complete publication:

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Ritwik Khator
Ritwik Khator
11 Απρ 2021


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